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Rotary Air Compressor


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Durable and cost-effective 1 Each SEBLT 5A screw compressor is designed manufactured and tested according to strict standards. 2 The unified patent fuel injection screw rotor can ensure long-term stable operation and significantly reduce energy cons

Main Technical Parameter
Exhaust Pressure: 0.7 MPa
0.8 MPa
1.0 MPa
1.3 MPa
Exhaust Volume: 6.4 m³/min
6.1 m³/min
5.6 m³/min
4.8 m³/min
Power: 37 kW
Noise: 65±2 dB(A)
Outer Size: 1460×980×1410 mm
Weight: 600 Kg
Outlet Pipe Diameter: G1 1/2"